About Me, and Us

family stache picMany years ago, in a magical time we call the late 90s, a city girl met a country boy and could not resist his charms. Spoiler alert: that girl was me, so I can stop trying to write this blurb in the third person now.

I’m Heather. Married to a guy I’ll call G, because his name starts with a G, and I’m crafty like that. We have 5 children, 4 cats, 3 dogs, a fish, and an obnoxious Chinese goose named Bump. He bites.

Here’s The Story of Us if you’re fascinated by everything about me and want to read more about how we ended up with five awesome kids.

I like talking about large families, and gathering tips for organizing large families, because I hope to one day be organized when it comes to my large-ish family. Somewhat related – I enjoy discussing recipes appropriate for large families, because DANG my kids can eat.

While I don’t intend for this to be an adoption blog, some of our kids came to us through adoption, so it’s a big part of our lives. RAD, PTSD and other older child adoption issues will probably come up here, because they come up in my living room.

I also like sewing for the kids, quilting, reading, scuba diving, cleaning things, pinning whacky stuff on Pinterest and bothering my grammar-nerd friends by refusing to embrace the Oxford comma.

I hate laundry and glitter.

house rulesOur house rules, courtesy of the girls.
No smoking!! No potty talk!! Or vicious teeth!! And NO dumb voices. Please thank you. :)

While I am a religious person, this is deliberately not a Christian parenting blog. There are plenty of religious large family blogs on the Internet, and some of them are very nice. However, the reason we have a big family is not because of religion. We aren’t “Christian” parenting. We’re just parenting. I believe that my children should have the same freedom to choose their religious path, or lack thereof, that I have had. They go to church, but I am not running a tiny human indoctrination camp up in here. Personally, I think faith is useless if you’ve never questioned it.

The perfect images shown by some other blogs can make the domestically challenged among us feel like they’re doing the whole parenting thing wrong. Sometimes I need more than just prayer to get through the day, you know? I almost always require coffee and a few complaints to my friends. Sometimes I require a bottle of wine. No matter how hard I’ve prayed, the clutter in the living room has not gone away.

So it’s just a blog. About a somewhat big family. Do with that what you will!

Large family blog with cleaning and organizing tips, older child adoption experiences, complaints about laundry, recipes for large families, and stories about life on the farm.

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