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I’m a writer. It’s my job. I would like to make money from this blog sometimes, in addition to  my other writing work. Hence, there will be affiliate links and other offers to buy something where I might get a commission. I will always try to make these links obvious, just so you’re aware. Any links will be affiliate links. Any Norwex cleaning products links will go to my personal sales website.

I’ve been writing product reviews for more than 8 years. Whether I receive product for free or not, I will always, every single time, be honest with you about whether or not I like the product. Receiving free product does not influence my opinion, and does not constitute paying for a positive review. I will never, ever, for real ever, be paid to write a positive review of a product that I do not actually recommend. I will tell you if I was paid for the review, but most of the time, I’m not.

As a consumer, it really irritates me to read glowing reviews and then find out the product actually sucks horribly and the bloggers who raved about it did so because they were paid, or they never really tried the product. I know what it’s like to spend hard-earned cash on something you expect to be amazing because it was recommended so heartily, and then the product blows and you feel sad. And mad. I will never do that to you.

If you want to advertise on This (Not So) Simple Life, I think that would be swell. It’s a small, humble blog, but it’s occasionally interesting, and I have at least 5 readers. If you’ve read the above disclaimers and are cool with the fact that I don’t change my opinions for cash, and you are comfortable with my occasional posts about balls or other juvenile humor, please email me at

If you’d like to send me a product to review, you can also email me at I promise to be fair, and never mean, but I will be honest. By sending me products, you agree that the review may be posted even if I don’t love the product.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Again, use the email. :)

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