Recipe & Craft Disclaimers


I make food because my kids like to eat. I do not make food because I enjoy taking 27 photos of each ingredient and then 43 photos of each step during cooking. Y’all know what chopping an onion is, right? Do I need to show you in photo form? Do you need to know what kind of knife and cutting board I use? (Pampered Chef, both, love them, not paid for this endorsement).

I will do my best to make said food look appetizing in photo form. Once, I took a picture of really delicious Nutella ice cream that we made last summer. This ice cream was possibly the best dairy-based dessert I’ve had in my entire life. In the photo, it looked like one of my children had created a mud pie with questionable ingredients. Possibly from a cattle feed lot. I’m not a food stylist.The food is going to look like food, and I won’t be posting the recipe if my children or husband didn’t enjoy said food.

Nor am I a chef. I don’t know if I’ve ever successfully de-glazed a pan. I throw spices in things that would probably horrify a actual chef. But again, I’m not trying to win Top Chef. I’m making stuff that 7 people will happily eat. Nor am I a nutritionist. If I show you a casserole that is all carbs and protein, please assume I am serving it with a side of veggies or fruit, because I generally do.

Most recipes will be large batches. If you’re cooking for 2, you will have a LOT of leftovers. I have 3 boys and a really active husband, plus two gymnast daughters. If I turn my back on anything in the kitchen, they devour it like a plague of locusts. Most of my dinners are designed to also feed my husband, me and the toddler the next day. Ten to 12 servings is probably the average. Oh, I don’t really count serving sizes, either.

If I adapted a recipe from someone else, I will link you to the recipe so you can see what real cooks do.


Most of the crafts I make are easy and won’t take very long, because if I take too long my toddler glues himself to something. I get a lot of craft inspiration from Pinterest, and again, if I know where I got the idea, I will add a link. If you like the craft and decide to blog about it or share it somewhere, I would love a link back here, too.

Some crafts may require a few special skills, but if you like creating things, you should try it anyway. My mother taught me to sew when I was little, but my quilting is entirely self-taught. I took many years of photography classes in school, and had to take photos to go along with my stories as a journalist, but much of what I do in Photoshop to make my photos look the way I want, I taught myself by just goofing around until something worked.

You know how you feel when your child brings you a picture they drew, and you’re not sure if it’s a dinosaur or Daddy, but the drawing is awesome because your sweet kid put the effort into it? I think that’s how crafting should be. Don’t worry if it’s perfect. It’s fun! You can always tell people you meant for it to be a dinosaur.

2013-10-14 08.13.46Your craft could be the next “fox giving the pig a massage,” which has given our family many years of enjoyment and has a permanent spot on the fridge door. Think of the joy you will bring!

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