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i am a tigerI don’t do every single social media thing, but I participate in a few. Wanna be social with me? Stalk me? Email me? Here are some options. This photo of me pretending to be a large cat is included, free of charge. You ARE welcome.

Twitter @HeatherCPST

Pinterest – SoybeanQueen

Instagram @HeatherCPST

Baby Products Expert –

Email –

I have a personal Facebook page, but not one for This (Not So) Simple Life. At this point, it seems like the whole point of a Facebook page would be to share links to new content and have people comment. But you can do that here, too. So that seems easy enough, right? If you have a really compelling reason that I should make a Facebook page, I’m all ears. Email it to me, and if I agree, I’ll create some sort of shrine in your honor on said page.

I have a phone number, too, but let’s not get too crazy on the contact yet. Can we take things slow? If you have some need of speaking with me, contact me via one of the many options above and I’ll see what I can do.

I also have an address and a doorbell. How crazy do you think I am???


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