Keeping On.

My house is a wreck. Really. Not in the “oh, there’s one toy out of place in an otherwise spotless home” type of way. It’s for real, horrific messy in this place. However, I am now 26 days from finishing my master’s degree. It’s been a rough semester, and my housework has fallen by the wayside as I’ve surrounded myself with research, writing, and coffee. Since I’m operating on even less sleep than usual, I’ve also lost the ability to speak in comprehensible sentences much of the time, too. I miss writing here, but for this semester, something had to give!

After graduation, I’m going to spend a few days just hanging out with my kids. I’ve promised Maya an entire day of Minecraft. We’ll see what the others decide to do with their much-deserved Mom time.

Once the kids are tired of me again and I’ve put my house back in order, I’m going to focus on writing. Blogging here, writing just for fun, putting some ideas down for a novel…  Anything is fair game. I’ve been in academic writing mode, which doesn’t speak to my soul the way other creative endeavors do.

Just a few more days….

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