The Big Curriculum Post – January 2015 Version

homeschool curriculum winter/spring 2015

Working hard and hardly working.

There’s nothing a homeschool parent loves more than reading and/or talking about curriculum! Actually, maybe they love talking about schoolroom renovations a little more. I can’t be sure. Regardless, I’m here today to talk about the curriculum we’re using with Levi for the next few months, probably through May. We use the pre-made curricula as guides, and explore whatever topics interest Levi in greater depth using our science and history encyclopedias, books from the library, and videos from YouTube or Amazon.

So without further ado, I present the winter/spring 2015 offerings for Lone Pine Collegiate School. (This post contains affiliate links.)


Social Studies / History:


Language Arts:

Critical Thinking:


You might be thinking, “how many years does all of this take to accomplish?” Truthfully, Levi is often finished with his main schoolwork by lunch time. It takes a lot less time to do all of these subjects with one kid than it does with a classroom of kids. Also, we don’t do every subject every day. He does math and language arts every day, without fail. Science and history are 3 to 4 times per week.

I try to tie art in with history. He does his handwriting lesson, mind bender puzzle, and task cards first thing in the morning to get his brain going. These are quick and take maybe 15 minutes.

Drum practice, typing practice, and listening to chapter books usually happens later in the day. Don’t tell Levi that counts as school work. He thinks it’s just for fun. Same with his sports practices. The life skills, agricultural learning, and Russian are not scheduled, formal schooling. They happen as part of our regular life.

Collin has joined our little school recently. He’s quite mad that he doesn’t get to ride the school bus every morning like his older siblings. I’ve placated him by telling him he has his own awesome Guppy School (the siblings call him Guppy), and have put together an alphabet and numbers study for him with crafts and online games. He’s 3, so the majority of his learning is through play, and books, and songs. Collin’s fall birthday means he still has two full years before he’ll enter kindergarten. He already counts to 15, has a killer vocabulary, and is making outstanding progress on the alphabet. I suspect I won’t get away with the lack of formal curriculum for long with him. The kid wants to learn! Of course, he wanted some books like Levi has, so I’ve procured some coloring books and preschool skills workbooks from Dollar Tree and Target. Guppy School is Guppy-approved. For now.

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