No News, Good News

That’s what my son’s doctor keeps telling me, anyway. No news is good news. We haven’t found anything terribly wrong. And yes, I’m incredibly thankful that he appears healthy on all of the tests. But there’s also a little voice in the back of my mind, a constant murmur that we’re getting eve closer to the end of the list of doctors and hospitals and specialists who might be able to take a look at him and see if they can help. In the meantime, he’s forgetting common words and his working memory is getting worse. What if no one finds anything? What if no one can help?

Between his medical appointments and my deadlines, we’re laying pretty low for the next few weeks. Two of my four classes will end mid-October, at which point I’ll gain a very small amount of breathing room. Of course, by then, I’ll have at least a month’s worth of damage control to do in my house. Would you like to know how much decluttering and housework gets done when mom is taking 12 hours and working on more than her usual number of freelance projects? You guessed it. Pretty much none. The kids all make attempts at doing their zone chores, but without me coaching them, their efforts are, shall we say, lacking.

Do you ever feel like you’re just decluttering the same spot over and over and over? That’s where I am right now. Somehow, no matter how many times I clear that one section of counter, when I turn my back a new paper appears upon it. These are the days when it’s tempting to throw away everything and live as an extreme minimalist. But then I remember that I like my shoes and jewelry and sewing supplies. Minimalism will need to wait until I’m less vain and crafty.

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