These Are My Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans

These are my mom jeans.
And yes, I’m just walking around by the corn field in this getup. The corn doesn’t judge me!

Every time I hear someone talk about “mom jeans,” I cringe a little bit. Most of the moms I know don’t wear those high-waisted, awkwardly cut jeans that others like to foist the mom label on. I’m a mom. My jeans are mom jeans. Currently, my favorite mom jeans are a pair of skinnies from Maurices. They’re cute. They’re comfy. They’re less than 30 bucks.

I hate the idea that becoming a mom carries the assumption that you’ll lose your sense of style. I’ve always loved clothes. And accessories. AND SHOES. Why should that change now that I’m running kids to sports practices and chasing a toddler around? Sure, I don’t wear 4-inch heels as much any more, but I still love putting together an outfit for the day. Even if that day is going to be boooooring.

Do you have a “style?” Mine tends to be casual and comfortable, but a little bit dressier than average for my part of the world. My husband regularly says, “oh, I didn’t know this event was formal,” when we’re getting ready to go out. While I like to be put-together, I don’t like a lot of fussy things that need to be re-adjusted constantly. A skirt that shifts up? No. Jeans that slide down? No. A shirt that might gap open in front? Noooooo.

My “uniform” is probably comfy (not baggy) jeans, a cute top, statement necklace, cute shoes, and a very large purse.

On the modesty front, I don’t go out of my way to cover a specific amount of skin or make sure my collarbone is covered or whatever. I like fitted clothes. I like v-neck shirts because they’re flattering. If it’s cut low, I either wear a tank top underneath or make sure I put my hand over the neckline if I need to lean over. If someone is close enough to look down my shirt, I’d say that’s on them.

Lately, I’ve heard some of my friends lamenting their lack of style. While I don’t consider myself to be the fashion icon of 2014, I take note when other moms compliment what I’m wearing while bemoaning their lack of stylish clothes. If you’ve ever wanted to feel a little more fashionable when you’re out and about, here are a few tips for developing your own personal style.

  • Make sure your clothes fit. I don’t care if you’re a size 0 or a 24! There are clothes available in all sizes and you can find some that will accentuate whatever part of your body you like best. Don’t try to hide in your clothes.
  • Try on something new and interesting any time you go shopping. Make it something that you like on the rack or on a mannequin, but probably wouldn’t buy otherwise. One of my favorite outfits is one that I never would have guessed would look good on me.
  • Know what you like. I will try almost anything, but I know I won’t wear leopard print. Ever.
  • Know what colors look good on you. If you aren’t sure, take a friend with you and try a few things out. I’m fair-skinned but have red undertones. If I wear certain shades of red or orange, I look like a tomato.
  • Make sure your clothes are comfortable. Can you sit in that skirt without feeling awkward? If you walk around the store, does your shirt shimmy up past your midriff? Do the jeans give you a wedgie? You don’t want to spend all day tugging on your clothes to keep them in place.
  • Accessorize! Jewelry, scarves, hats, belts… Find some accessories you love and wear them with abandon. I don’t love belts on me, but they look super-cute on other people. I almost always wear a necklace and other jewelry that coordinates with my outfit.
  • If the shoe fits, buy it. But make sure it’s comfortable and appropriate for your lifestyle first. I love spiky-heeled Louboutins as much as the next girl, but I live on a farm in Kansas. Sparkly flats and boots are a little better suited to my wardrobe and my life.
  • Don’t underestimate your underwear. Seriously, get rid of your old undies and that bra with the straps that always slide down. Everything looks better on the outside when the undergarments fit well. If you’re self-conscious about your post-baby belly, get some Spanx. It’s OK to wear Spanx to the grocery store if that’s what makes you feel awesome.

What tips do you have for moms who want to up their style game?


  1. Amanda says:

    Yes, yes and yes. I’m not a mom, but there are times I feel better about my body than others and the best thing to do for that is to wear something I feel beautiful AND comfortable in. You had great tips! I would add that if you have a favorite shirt or pants or anything, buy it in several colors. No one will know it’s the same shirt unless you tell them, especially if you’re pairing them with different items.

    • Heather says:

      I love your confidence, Amanda. And congrats on the launch of your new site! You know I’ll be reading. We *finally* have a pediatric neurology appointment tomorrow. Still no word on even scheduling with neuropsychology. Gah!

  2. Angie B. says:

    I like the tip you posted about trying things on even if you don’t think you’d look right in them. I normally hate trying things on in the store. I sometimes take a gamble if something is a really good deal and buy it. I’ve actually found some of my fave shirts this way. Unfortunately I’ve also been disappointed this way too. I really need to try things on in the store more

  3. twintestedpins says:

    I completely agree. I see moms thinner than me who wear Junior section clothes and tight shirts and look a hot mess. I will wear a size that fits and flatters. What great reminders. Thanks for linking up with us a the Mommy Needs a Timeout Thursday Linky. Hope to see you again this week. Party starts Wednesday night at 8 pm EST!
    Twin Tested, Pin Approved

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