Kid Stuff – Late September

School is in full swing here, for my kids that attend public school and for my homeschooler. We have cross-country meets, football games, field trips, homework, and softball games to juggle on our schedules. Life is busy. Maybe a little too busy, since I’ve dropped a few balls from my own schedule this week.

The house is noisy. A side-effect of the constant business is that the laundry piles up. Fast. The kids get tired and slack off on their zone chores. I get tired and slack off on my mom chores.

The other day, the kids were running around and playing hide and seek together, all 5 of them, while I was making dinner. The noise level was epic. I was just about to yell down the hall for them to be quiet when I opened a cabinet door in the kitchen and saw this….


Oh, hello.

So I laughed, and remembered that there was a time when my heart ached for the sound of lots of kids running around in my house. Now it’s loud, and it’s messy, and we may never finish all of the laundry, but it’s home.

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