2014 Baby Gear Bonanza



Mutsy’s leather-accented stroller models.

I’ve just returned home from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, where I browsed thousands of booths filled with new and cool baby and toddler products. There are some very interesting new strollers and travel cribs/play yards coming out this year, and as always, I scoped out the most beautiful diaper bags so you can stay stylish and keep that baggie of stained baby clothes and the blown-out cloth diaper under wraps.

A few trends to note – leather accents are EVERYWHERE. Several stroller manufacturers were showing luxurious leather-wrapped stroller handles. Mutsy had some (shown below), as did iCoo (with copper stroller frames to complement the color), and Cybex (whose new Priam stroller can even be outfitted with skis on the front for colder climates). Diaper bag companies often have leather, but even their offerings were just a little more posh than previous years.


Yes, I bought this Oemi bag. Yes, I will love it FOREVER.

My favorite was the shimmery Italian leather bags from Oemi Baby. There was even a stunning leather bassinet from the Spanish baby gear company BabyHome.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to run some giveaways of neat items I found at ABC. You can be part of the giveaways by following me on Twitter (@HeatherCPST), Instagram (@HeatherCPST), Pinterest (SoybeanQueen), Facebook (Heather Corley Baby, Family & Style), or Google+ (Heather Corley). Follow one, follow all, but follow something because I think you’ll love the products I’m going to share with you. Most aren’t sponsored giveaways. They’re products so cute or useful that I just want you to have them. Lucky you!


These silicone Suri the Octopus teethers from MayApple Baby are adorable and super-squishy.

In the meantime, take a look at my Instagram or Twitter for pics of some great items from the ABC Kids Expo. More yet to come!

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