Shark Week!

Are you into shark week? Admittedly, in the past, I did not participate in the shark adoration. But then I had three sons. And these three sons LOVE sharks. I’m doing my best to turn this into a teaching situation, but frankly, I think they’re just loving the teeth and giant jaws and churning water and finding a dude’s arm in a shark’s stomach.

converse shark shoesI spent some time this week hunting down shark-theme baby items and writing this awesome list: 10 Adorable Shark Theme Baby Products. Collin has decided he can’t live without these Converse shark shoes. The more I look at them, the more I think I can’t live without them, either.

Considering that Collin has spent nearly every waking moment lately fashioning Legos and household supplies into “evil dragons,” which then attack Mommy, I’m pleased that he has a new obsession.

On the homeschool front, I’m going to try to leverage some of Levi’s interest in shark week into some actual school time. My favorite unit study that includes sharks is from Winter Promise. It’s called Adventures in Sea & Sky, and it covers sea creatures, sailing, history, space, weather, airplanes, other flying contraptions, birds, and, well, anything in the sea and sky. That’s a pretty thorough year-long study, though, which is more than I can incorporate into our homeschool at this point.

Instead, I’m going to use some short unit studies to teach just a few days of sharky excellence. The first is from Homeschooling Hearts and Minds, and it’s a Hammerhead Sharks Unit Study. This one is free! It’s not terribly in-depth, but it links to a lot of resources, so if you want to dig deeper, you’ll have plenty of opportunity.

I’m also using the Shark Matching & Fact Cards from The Pinay Homeschooler. If Levi’s interest holds through this week, I’ll download Amanda Bennett’s Sensational Sharks unit study, which is just $5 through August 17th.

All of this shark business is a little much for a girl who grew up on the coast and was completely traumatized by the Jaws movie. Since I’d like to go scuba diving again sometime in the near future, I suppose I’d best ignore all of the man-eater shows that are on for shark week. Does anyone know which shows are about friendly sharks? Maybe cuddly ones?

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