This Week: Softball, Swimming & Sanity Reduction

We’re so close to the end of softball season for the kids! All of them have improved from the beginning of the season until now, which is the whole point, in my opinion. The highlight reel – Maya caught a pop fly and then tagged a runner for a double play, Hannah was amazing at stealing bases and stopping the ball in right field, Levi had great hits all season, and Grant took a turn at catcher and threw really well. Both girls learned how to slide pretty well, too, and that’s harder than it looks!

This weekend was tournament time. Friday evening through Sunday afternoon – nothing but softball and waiting around in the heat for another game. I hope my kids remember this some day, especially if one of them becomes very wealthy and is deciding who deserves money. Remember when mom spent ages sitting outside, sweating, desperately trying to avoid sunburn because even the high spf only works for so long, and cheered us on all the way to the end of the last game? She definitely deserves a reward!

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After several days of roasting at the ball fields, it’s nice to have a very full irrigation lake to cool us off! We spent the evening floating around the lake with two of our dogs. The water was perfect today, cool and smooth before the wind kicked up ahead of a summer storm. Later in the summer, once some of the water is pumped down for crops, the lake water can feel like a mossier version of a warm bath. Not today, though!


By the end of summer, we’ll probably have to walk out to where G is standing to get to the water in this lake.


Ratchet was content to stay next to Collin in the shallow water most of the time.

Grant likes to start his lake time with a swim across to the other side. Maya discovered that she outgrew her lifejacket over the winter, and had to be squeezed into it for this swim. Hannah tried to get to the ball first, but Mark’s doggy-paddle skills are pretty amazing.


Hannah tried mightily to reach the ball first, but Mark's doggy paddle skills are pretty amazing.

That covers softball and swimming. As for the reduction of sanity, we’re trying a few weeks off medication for Levi. He has some neurological weirdness going on, and his doctor wants to rule out medication as a cause. He’ll also have an MRI and some other tests fairly soon. I plan to take him around to visit the people who have attempted to shame me for allowing him to take meds for ADHD. I’m pretty sure some of them would change their minds if they saw the difference. It’s difficult for Levi, and it’s difficult for us, too. Since his behavior is vastly different without meds, I’m not even sure if we’ll be able to tell whether he’s still having the same memory blanks and such. His whole life is a memory blank when his brain switches directions by the second. Pray it doesn’t rain constantly for the next few weeks, please. We *all* need the outdoor run-around time right now!

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