Do My Boobs Need Their Own Facebook Page?


My lovely sister, me, and my amazing Mama at the WDW Coronado Springs Resort.

At the beginning of June, my entire family went to Disney World. It was awesome! I’ll tell you all about the trip, and how to handle Disney with a large family, another day. For now, I want to address a disturbing and sort of awesome thing that happened when I posted this picture of me with my mom and sister to Facebook.

I love tiaras and anything girly/princess-ey. Not content to let the Disney Princesses and little girls in princess costumes have all the fun, I bought tiaras for the three of us, as well as for my daughters. My mom and sister agreed that we would wear the tiaras when we had to do un-glamorous chores at home. Just a little way to make housework more fun!

So I have the photo commemorating our princess-iness, and I use my phone to upload it to FB. That’s when I noticed an extra “person” in the automatic tagging section. Except it’s not a person. Admittedly, that shirt does only good things for my rack, but being tagged on Facebook? That’s like Kate Upton level stuff. *preen*

You want me to tag my rack?

That I accidentally tagged one of my husband’s friends when I took the screenshot? That’s just a bonus.


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