Summer School

There are lots of ways to plan a homeschool year, from purposely not scheduling to keeping a rigorous hour-to-hour calendar all year long. We fall somewhere in between. I’m not great at keeping an exact schedule day to day, and there are times when I’m busier with work, so it’s easiest for me not to commit to something really calendar-heavy. We have a list of things we’d like to accomplish daily, and a general idea of which curricula or subjects we’d like to finish in a 3-month period.

Summer Homeschool

What homeschool looks like at our house right now. The boys are reading about the Tuskegee Airmen. Hannah is obsessed with copywork. Maya is outside tending her chickens. Collin is singing.

Homeschooling all year gives us the chance to take a day or week off when necessary while still meeting the required number of days in a school year for our state. No one checks up on us to make sure we’ve hit that magical number of days, because Kansas law doesn’t require any reporting. I still keep an attendance record, though, and if we keep going the way we have been for the last few months, our schooling time should greatly exceed the required number of school days. It doesn’t hurt that we can take advantage of weekend activities and count them as school time!

Right now Levi and Grant are doing about 3 days per week of curriculum/book learning and spending the other days learning through play, or sports, or helping an adult with auto repair, farm work, home economics or gardening. Even though we’re homeschooling through the summer, I want them to have plenty of time to run around the farm, get muddy, explore nature, and have ridiculous amounts of fun. And they do!

During their sit-down school time, the boys are currently finishing up aviation history, Handwriting Without Tears, and a Math Mammoth book, and they’re working on Supercharged Science Magnetism and their reading fluency passages. They do copywork daily, and together we read books related to their studies.

Maya and Hannah are doing some schoolwork this summer, but they both plan to return to public school in the fall. Their summer work is mostly to retain reading and math skills, and to take some elective-type classes. They read on their own, whatever they want, and do Math Mammoth, Supercharged Science Mathemagic, or Khan Academy. Hannah loves copywork, so she does that for entertainment. I give her Shakespeare quotes, and when she finishes those, she copies things from other books for fun.

The girls will officially begin Spanish soon, and they’ll start an economics class as soon as softball season is done.

Today’s copywork was Walt Disney quotes, because we recently took a trip to Disney World. We read about the Tuskegee Airmen and the types of planes they flew, plus how they were able to identify other planes while zooming around in the sky. As we were finishing our papers for the day, Maya came in and announced that there was an armadillo digging a hole next to our house. I didn’t believe her, because the only armadillos I’ve seen around here have fallen from trucks on the interstate and were subsequently smashed.

armadillowThis armadillo, however, was not smashed. It was very much alive, so we took some time to study it and read about armadillos in our animal encyclopedia before G relocated the critter to a new home far, far away. Frankly, I learned as much as the boys! I figured it must have taken ages for the armadillo to dig a huge hole by the house, because we could only see its, umm, rump and tail before G pulled it out of the hole, and the thing was at least 2 feet long. However, thanks to the encyclopedia, I learned that armadillo claws are basically shovels that are designed for rapid digging. I also learned that armadillos can grow to 60 inches long. Holy crap! That’s the height of my oldest daughter. I do NOT want to meet an armadillo that big. I didn’t particularly like the rather smallish one today. Rest assured, if I ever meet a 5-foot armadillo, I will be the one digging a hole in which to hide.

What are you doing for summer homeschool?



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