The War on Easter

Easter Chicks -

Doesn’t “new life” have something to do with this holiday? Maybe something major?

I’m so confused by all of the changes we’re supposed to make to celebrations these days. The latest thing I’ve read is that we’re now supposed to call Easter “Resurrection Sunday” and avoid anything spring-related in our discussions or celebrations thereof. Why? Because I guess the whole time we’ve been celebrating Easter traditionally, we’ve been frolicking with the devil. Or something. Can we not just celebrate holidays without the judgment?

This week, on Facebook, I witnessed one perfectly lovely Christian mom asking about what others were planning for Easter celebrations. She asked what other families put in Easter baskets. The first comment in response was someone who high-and-mightily informed her that bunnies and baskets and eggs are not really part of Resurrection Sunday, so her family is no longer doing those. She added that it’s fine for her kids to participate in egg hunts and bunny-related things, just not on Sunday.

Evil Bunny Loves Easter -

This guy will eat your face while you sleep if you try to take the bunny out of Easter.

OK. So we’re OK with traditional Easter things as long as they’re not on Easter? Seems legit.

Is this going to turn into another trunk-or-treat situation where we have to pretend we’re not really dressing up for Halloween, so we dress up anyway and just wander around the church parking lot gathering candy instead of wandering the neighborhood?

I give it 5 years max before we see the first resurrection hunt where the eggs are representing the empty tomb and there are chocolate crosses stuffed in baskets that are shaped like the stone that was rolled away.


Has this been going on for a while and I just now noticed? I wonder how far we’ll take the desire to remove anything tangential from celebration days. Perhaps my grandchildren will only be able to murmur “Jesus rose,” while wearing historically accurate burial clothing.

After all, the pastel dresses and festive ties are in spring colors. Dark-sided!

We may need to drop all references to spring entirely, actually. The whole season seems pretty pagan, what with the equinox and rejuvenation of plant life.

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