What Not To Do

Since I’ve been ill, I’ve spent a fair amount of time browsing the new shows on Amazon Prime. Did you know that you can watch 6 seasons of Hoarders that way? Y’all. I’ve binge-watched a hoard of hoarding and now I’m probably going to throw away EVERY SINGLE THING IN MY HOUSE because I’m afraid the clutter might eventually take over and I’ll have to have that psychologist come over and she’ll bring the big trucks that say “1-800-Got-Junk” and we’ll have to talk about my pile of shoes being a symbol of how I never really loved myself.

For serious, if you come over tomorrow, I’m giving you all of my clothes. But not the clothes I have on. That would be awkward.

How’s your spring decluttering going? Give away anything interesting? I got rid of a 4-slice toaster that only toasted 2 slices at a time because it was making me mad every time I looked at it. Decluttering for the kitchen *and* for the soul. Threw away some stuff that had languished in the fridge for too long. Sorted all of the plastic leftovers containers, threw away the ones that lacked lids or were broken in some way, and reorganized them so they’re not constantly exploded throughout a whole cabinet. Not too shabby considering I’m all weak and exhausted from germs.

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