So Then We Added Some Chickens

I have pneumonia, too. Levi has allergies, but he sounds like he could perish at any moment. Almost worse than those of us with pneumonia, actually. It’s super-pleasant in this house right now. Remember when I was going to do a whole bunch of spring cleaning and post pics and tutorials? It’ll be a few days. I’m not cleaning ANYTHING right now.

Don't Clean! This message brought to you by :)Here’s what I am doing. I’m making a list of the things I notice that I want to clean when I feel like not dying cleaning things again. I’m also making a list of zones I want to declutter. If you’re hoping to do some spring cleaning, too, but can’t quite get it done yet, try a list. It’s always good to have a starting point. Also, if you write “make a list” as your first list item, you can check something off and feel quite accomplished. Aren’t you glad you came to me for housekeeping tips? You are so welcome!

Did you need a special graphic to motivate you? No problem. I had just enough energy to create one. Just for you! It’s very official, no? It’s realistic, anyway. Please pin it all over the place.

One semi-useful thing I did today was get rid of the crappy over-the-door ironing board I’ve tried to use for 5 years. Basically, I haven’t ironed anything in the last 5 years because that stupid ironing board was so annoying. I got a new ironing board (try to contain your excitement!) and also a wall-mounted hanger for it. The hanger will also hold the iron, spray starch, water bottle, etc., so that will free up some shelf space in my already cramped laundry room. I mean, I didn’t install the hanger or anything. I just bought it and managed not to cough on anyone while doing so. Baby steps.

Anyway, two of us have pneumonia, two people have terrible allergies thanks to the traditional spring pasture fires, and the house is slowly falling into complete disarray. So my beloved husband decided it was the perfect time to get some chickens. They have to stay inside for now because they’re just tiny little things and would be tasty snacks for almost any other creature outside. Chickens stink, y’all. Yeah, I know, they’re cute. And fuzzy. And they make adorable peep sounds. But they reek.

Collin is obsessed with the chicks. Several times a day, he grabs my hand and pulls me over to the crate and yells, “baby bird!” He would love nothing better than to get his hands on one of those chickens. I’m becoming quite an expert chicken bodyguard.

Here’s a short video in which Collin demonstrates his “baby bird!” and “chicken” vocab, and also points out that there’s a yellow chick. His chatter is much more understandable to others lately, which is good, because I don’t want to have to translate for him at job interviews.

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