Pause the Cleaning Frenzy!

This is why I never get anything done, y’all. The spring cleaning is behind schedule because I had to take poor Grant to the doctor today. He’s had the same disgusting virus the rest of us have been battling, but just seemed so much worse the last few days. He seemed worse because he has pneumonia and an asthma-type response to the virus and both of his ears are infected. No wonder he looked miserable! We brought home what seemed like the entire stock of the pharmacy for him and he should be better soon.

His doctor politely suggested that I make appointments for Levi and myself as well, because, as she said, “you both sound terrible.” Frankly, I thought I was getting better, but she wants the rest of the coughers to be checked out for pneumonia, too, since Grant is so sick.

Anyway, sorry I didn’t write up a post about cleaning the kitchen. I was busy avoiding death, apparently.

Had I known, I would *not* have spent my last days on Earth cleaning cabinets and windows. They do look nice, though.

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