Beware of Tiger. Also, Happy Anniversary!

Recently, Levi was looking at a book (by choice! that’s huge for my probably-dyslexic, hates to read boy!) and showed me a picture of a man posing beside a tiger. He said, “that guy is probably dead by now.” I was curious, of course, to learn how he knew that this man in the photo had likely already died, because it looked like a fairly recent photo. So I asked Levi about it. His response was, “well, if you have a pet tiger, it will probably get hungry after a while.”

Hadn’t ever thought of it quite like that. Get a pet tiger. Expect to be eaten eventually. Good thing large cats aren’t on my wish list. Probably not covered by my homeowners insurance, either.

In other news, it’s cold. I’m grouchy about it because the fluctuating temps and winter storms make my joints hurt terribly. I may have to start carrying a smaller purse because my aged elbows don’t like my usual “statement bags.” <—- That’s a fancy term for a large, possibly sparkly purse. One time I tried to carry a smaller purse and people around me were all, “that’s just weird. You *always* carry a huge purse.” Great. Now I have to choose between elbow pain and my adoring fans.

HTwitter2014The good thing about winter is that a giant, brightly colored scarf is always appropriate. My elbows have zero complaint about that.

Fourteen years ago today, I married the most amusing guy I’ve ever known. According to Hallmark, the traditional gift for year 14 is ivory. Probably not gonna happen.

The modern gift is gold jewelry. Definitely more likely to happen, but with the five kids at home, I’d be plenty happy with a simple dinner date. Maybe a movie. I would ask for a weekend away, but that level of excitement might kill me.

Every year on our anniversary, I look at the photo album from our wedding. There are plenty of posed photos, of course, but my favorites are the ones that our friends took because they’re just so very *us.* In the first one, G was helping me wrangle that massive dress into the opera house for the reception. He was in the middle of a dirty joke about holding my dress up when someone pounced with a camera. Being born to handle paparazzi (lol), I struck a somewhat demure pose. G looks… well… like he was just in the middle of telling a dirty joke and got caught.
wedding 2

The second is a few minutes later as the DJ announced our arrival. I remember being so happy at that moment. The stressful wedding part was over, we had an amazing party planned for the reception, and my new husband was holding my hand.
wedding 1

Fourteen years, and he still makes me smile like this.

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