I Do Not Like This Week.

The following are reasons that I do not like this week.

1. My boys both had RAD days on the same day. Horrible behavior, fighting, food tantrums, all of it times two. They don’t usually go nutty on the same day.

flexy hawk2. A hawk hit my car. Less than a year after I spent $400 to replace the driver’s side mirror on my car because a hawk flew into it and broke it, a different hawk (or the same one with a freaky resurrection power and stalker tendencies) flew directly into my car, just above the windshield. My poor car now looks like someone punched it in the head. Hard. flexy hawk 2The impact was enough that it knocked the sunroof and light control panel, plus the sunglass-holder thingy, down out of the ceiling. It was dangling by the wires and jacked up my rearview mirror. Also, it scared me half to death! Also also, it’s probably going to cost me a crap-ton of money to fix. :(

3. My neck hurts. I can only assume it’s because my 32-pound toddler launches himself onto my neck and back at random. I love hugs, but his are violent hugs. Much like a shark hugging you with its teeth.

4. I bent down to pick up something off the floor this morning and manage to dip my hair into my coffee cup.

5. Everyone has a cough.

How’s your week? Here’s hoping your hair isn’t covered in coffee and your car avoids large birds of prey.

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