I Am the Diaper Sniffer

Normally, I wash cloth diapers every two days. Three at the most. Because I’m a sucker for a cute diaper, I probably have enough of them that we could go a week between washings. But that means you have to empty a week-old bag of diapers into the washer, and you’d need a respirator or SCBA of some sort for that job.

It’s been a pretty busy time at Casa Corley lately. We’ve been on the road a lot, and Collin stayed with grandparents some, so we temporarily switched to disposables. That, dear friends, is how I came to forget that there were about a dozen wet and dirty diapers in the bag in the laundry room. My older children helpfully covered the bag with the never-ending stream of blankets and towels they dirty up daily. I never reach the bottom of that pile. I didn’t think we had that many blankets, but my, have they proved me wrong! One day recently, I got far enough down into the pile that I smelled a smell. A gross smell. A smell that required investigation, lest I learn later that one of the pets was missing or something.

I honestly considered just tossing the whole mess in the trash for a moment. It was seriously gross, and I didn’t even want to dump the bag in the washer, let alone take any post-wash diapers out to check for remaining smells. But throwing them away would be so wasteful! Then I remembered the new box or Norwex stuff I received this week.

norwex detergentThe new box of goodies contained a bag of Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent. It’s unscented and contains no fillers, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try on these gross diapers. The detergent is concentrated, so I used just half a scoop per load. I followed my normal diaper washing routine, starting with a quick wash in cold water to reduce staining. When I opened the washer after the first cycle was done, my hopes were not high. But no smell wafted out. I got a little closer. No smell. Finally, my head was nearly in the washer with the diapers. I thought I smelled a hint of grossness at that point (normal for the first quick wash), so I slammed the washer door and contemplated the rest of my attack.

norwex sportzymeThe box o’ cleanliness also contained a bottle of Sportzyme. As the name implies, it’s an enzyme-based product, and it’s designed to remove odors from stinky gym bags or kid shoes and the like. Some kids are sensitive to enzyme cleaners, but Collin hasn’t shown any sensitivities at all so far, so I figured adding some Sportzyme to the wash couldn’t hurt. I used a half-scoop of the same detergent, then added about a tablespoon of Sportzyme to the bleach compartment on my washer. My second wash in the diaper routine is a full wash with hot water and a cold rinse, so I stuck with routine again.

This time, when I opened the washer door, I was brave. I boldly picked up the first diaper. It had no stains. It looked clean. I didn’t smell anything as I held it at arm’s length. So I did what any rational cloth-diapering mom would do. I leaned in and I sniffed the diaper. And I smelled…..   nothing.

I didn’t expect this combination to work as well as it did. As I said, I was thisclose to just trashing the diapers because I really thought they would be mildewed and not salvageable. But they’re pretty much perfect, so I’m a new fan of the Norwex detergent and stink-buster.

norwex dryer ballsWool dryer balls are kind of the rage in laundry world lately. I was on such a laundry technology high after the successful diaper washing that I decided to try out the Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls, as well. I hadn’t added any vinegar to the wash, and that’s my usual fabric softener. The dryer balls seemed to work well, though. No static electricity or stiff diapers when the dryer was done.

I love it when a product exceeds my expectations!

Disclaimer: I’m an independent sales consultant for Norwex. I bought the products myself and was not compensated for this review. However, the product links go to my own Norwex shop. For more info, see my Disclaimers page.

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  1. Elizabeth Brown says:

    I see this is an old post, but I’d like to know if Norwex UPP continued working for you? I’m also a Norwex Consultant and part time cloth diaperer. According to fluff love university online, Norwex UPP is not pH balanced and may cause chemical burns along with the recommended amt of detergent not being enough. .. so I’m wondering if adding vinegar and using more than the 1/4 tsp would make it work? Thanks if you might share some insight.

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