Super-Clean Windows, 5 Minutes, No Chemicals

clean window textI’m not very into cleaning things, because, well, I’m lazy, and usually by the time I get around to scrubbing something, it takes forever because it’s grimy and I have to kill it with fire and bleach and anything else I can find in my cabinets. In the past, this method has resulted in me breathing fumes that probably killed a few brain cells, and I was generally exhausted after finishing the job. Who wants to clean something else after all that? Yeah, that’s why I hated cleaning.

That’s also why the outside of my living room windows have been cleaned maybe once in the 7 years we’ve lived in this house. I had forgotten that glass was clear, y’all. Sure, I occasionally wiped up the haze of fingerprints on the inside, but if the outside is all dirty, you still have, you know, dirty windows.

My mom, whose windows are always sparkly, bought me some ammonia cleaner a while back. It works, but it stinks to high heaven. She told me recently that she had bought a somewhat pricey, but less smelly Windex window cleaning kit, but it left a lot of streaks. Mama does not like streaks.

A few weeks ago, my friend Teresa invited me to a Norwex demonstration. It sounded a little crazy. A party about cleaning rags? But, given my need for adult social interaction, and the fact that I think Teresa, a fellow adoptive mom of several, is awesome, I went to the cleaning product extravaganza.

Norwex makes microfiber cleaning cloths, but they’re not like the cheap, scratchy microfiber rags I had previously purchased at the discount store. They’re magical, and possibly made of finely woven unicorn hair, ethically sourced from free range, organically fed unicorns. They’re so fine and absorbent, you don’t need to use chemicals to clean things with them. Just water. I know what you’re thinking. How good could a microfiber cloth be? I thought the same thing, until I tried one.

I ordered a Norwex window cloth, which is microfiber woven with (NOT coated with) anti-bacterial silver. I noticed in the catalog that the Norwex super-awesome mop system could be ordered with brackets that looked similar to the little clips on the top of my Swiffer mop. I was still skeptical that this was all going to work, so I was not ready to spend money on the mop head just yet.

My window cloth arrived. Immediately, I dashed to the sink, got the cloth wet, wrung it out, and attacked the inside of my front windows. With almost no effort, and just that little bit of water, I wiped away every bit of grime, every fingerprint, every un-identified smeary mess from the large bank of windows in less than 5 minutes. Levi said, “wow, the windows are sparkly!”

clean dirty window text 2Heartened by the simplicity of the interior job, I rinsed the window cloth, wrung it out again, and wrapped it around my Swiffer mop head. Armed with this mop and a spray bottle full of water, I headed outside to tackle the years of grossness stuck on the other side of the windows.

I sprayed each window with plain water and mopped it with my Norwex/Swiffer hybrid. It seemed too easy, actually! The accumulated dirt and ick came off with very little effort. I sprayed each window again and quickly mopped over them to make sure they were clean. The water streaks evaporated in just seconds, and the windows were almost blindingly sparkling clean. Like a mirror. I took the window cloth off of the mop and wiped away a few little specks remaining on the windows. And that was it. Done. Again, 5 minutes or less. Wouldn’t you clean your windows more often if it was super-easy and fast and you didn’t need any special chemicals? I know I will.

I did end up ordering the Norwex mop system after my initial window cleaning experiment. If you just want to give it a try with less expense, the Swiffer mop definitely will work for this project, and I think it’s great to use something you already own. The advantage for adding the Norwex mop system is that it’s much sturdier, it has a telescoping handle so you can reach really high windows, and you can buy other components for the floor system that are also magically amazing.

Disclaimer: I liked the Norwex products I ordered so much that I decided to become a Norwex representative. I purchased the products that I used in this post. However, the links will take you to my personal sales website. Through many years of writing product reviews, I have always made honesty a priority, whether I think the product is good or bad. If you live close to me, I am happy to come Norwex/Swiffer a few of your windows. Prepare to be amazed!

clean-windowSo shiny!

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