Because I Like to Talk About Balls

sports formMaya is about to start basketball practice. It’s her first foray into school sports, so I had to take her to the doctor for a sports physical. The sports physical form in Kansas is pretty standard, and the same form is used for girls and boys. I was filling it out as Maya talked with the nurse, trying to recall dates of important medical history, when one question in particular jumped out at me.

See, Maya has a great sense of humor, but since she’s become a preteen, she occasionally takes herself a wee bit too seriously. I take great pleasure in reminding her that laughing is good and healthy and fun. That day was a day where she needed the reminder.

And so, when I noticed this little segment of the form, I knew I had to take action.

ballsI marked no for question 15, lest I actually harm her chances for playing 6th grade basketball. But I helpfully circled “testicles” and noted that my daughter was, indeed, born without testicles.

Good thing I can count on Maya to appreciate my juvenile sense of humor. She yelled, “Moooooooooom,” which made the nurse laugh more than my helpful details did. But she laughed. I’ll consider that a preteen parenting win.


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