Laundry Oddness

I’m trying to scale Mount Saint Laundry and slowly take it down to the ground piece by piece, as it threatens to erupt and kill us all at any moment. As I’ve been searching my daughter’s room for the bits of laundry that did not make it into her laundry basket (which is, umm, 90 percent or so, since the laundry basket makes a better doll bed than clothing receptacle), I’ve noticed a strange trend. There are socks in my home that do not belong to anyone who lives here.

Even stranger than finding random socks in my house is that these socks always appear in pairs. The socks that belong to my family members? Oh no. They do not mate for life. Or even for 45 minutes in the dryer.

So, I have to wonder how it is that all of these matched sets of socks that I did not purchase have ended up in my house. If someone is breaking in when I’m not home to leave their dirty socks here, could you at least leave pairs that fit one of us? Or leave something other than socks? If I’m doing someone else’s laundry, I’d prefer it to be haute couture and in my size, please. A Valentino gown would work just fine.

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